Qore Performance has debuted their latest piece of kit with the IMS Versa.

Qore Performance states “IMS VERSA represents the most elegant solution to a problem we’ve faced since the day we invented ICEPLATE: how do you mount ICEPLATE internally, as intended, on any MOLLE equipped military plate carrier available today?

As many of you know, our solution to date has been driven by the original Army requirement: “inexpensive, universal mounting.”

This is why the Side Release Armor Straps existed – to satisfy this requirement.

However, we quickly learned that like all things USG, the requirement was mostly driven by civilian bureaucrats who never had dirty shoes (let alone spent any serious time in the field), short-sided and basically wrong.

Now, as we approach the seven year anniversary of the sale of the first ICEPLATE CLASSIC, we finally have a universal, internal ICEPLATE CURVE mounting solution for every MOLLE-equipped plate carrier.

The all-new IMS VERSA will replace the Side Release Armor Straps when it launches next week, exclusively to LaunchPad email subs.

One of the best parts of IMS VERSA, however, is that y’all named her. We couldn’t think of a better outcome: a government problem solved by the American People…imagine that.”

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