Primary Weapon Systems has recently shown off their latest offering with the new BDE (BRAVO DELTA ECHO) series of suppressors.

Primary Weapon Systems state “The BDE (Bravo Delta Echo) line is Primary Weapons Systems’ new line of suppressors with caliber options including the BDE 762, BDE 556, BDE 9mm and BDE 22.

The entire lineup is lighter and quieter than other suppressors on the market, with the BDE 22 currently the lightest suppressor on the market rated for 5.7x28mm.

The BDE 762, BDE 556 and BDE 9mm are all 3D printed with aerospace-grade titanium and the BDE 22 has a 3D printed core.

Each suppressor in the BDE collection improves the range experience, making this line the perfect addition to a fully suppressed range day.”

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