Henry Repeating Arms has expanded support for the new Remington .360 Buckhammer cartridge in the Steel Side Gate Lever Action rifle series.

Henry Repeating Arms state “There’s a new king of the deer woods, and it’s called .360 Buckhammer.

Developed in partnership with Remington Ammunition, optimized for lever action rifles, accurate out to 200 yards with more energy, higher velocity, and flatter trajectories than the competition, .360 Buckhammer brings the hunt to the fur with authority.

And what better platform to deliver the goods than a Henry?

The Steel Lever Action .360 Buckhammer provides a timeless appeal with the union of genuine American walnut furniture and blued steel – a match made in deer woods heaven.

To wring out every ounce of energy the cartridge can muster, and it’s a lot, the rifle is topped with a 20” round blued steel barrel with a 1 in 12 twist rate proven to stabilize a variety of bullet weights.

The barrel is completed with a fully-adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight, including a removable white diamond insert for contrast and a brass bead at the front.

Since .360 Buckhammer can stretch its legs out to 200 yards and beyond, the receiver is drilled and tapped to accept a Weaver 63B scope base for those that prefer a bit of magnification when lining up the shot that could put some meat in the freezer.

Side ejection keeps spent cartridges out of the way of the scope, and because the shells don’t eject backward, it’s safe for left-handed hunters.

The receiver is equipped with a side loading gate to keep the five-round magazine topped off, while the removable tube magazine makes clearing the rifle safe and efficient when returning to the truck from a successful trip.

Other creature comforts abound with sling swivel studs preinstalled on the buttstock and steel forearm cap, laser-precise checkering engraved in the furniture where your hands meet the rifle, and a soft rubber pad on the buttstock adds another non-slip contact point and mitigates some of the already moderate recoil.

Whether or not you are limited to using a straight wall cartridge on your next hunt, the Henry Steel Lever Action rifle chambered for .360 Buckhammer delivers all the performance you need and then some.

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