Remington has recently debuted their latest in ammunition with the new Core-Lokt Copper lead-free ammunition.

Remington states “Remington Ammunition is proud to announce that The Deadliest Mushroom in the WoodsTM is now available in a lead-free, all copper bullet, Core-Lokt Copper.

“Generations of hunters have depended on Core-Lokt since 1939,” said Remington Rifle Product Director Michael Holm. “Now, whitetail fanatics, Remington fans, and big game hunters can experience the outstanding accuracy and Deadly Mushroom performance of Remington’s Core-Lokt ammunition in a high-strength, fully copper bullet.”

With dependable expansion, proven weight retention near 100%, and drop-dead accuracy, Core-Lokt Copper combines the performance you’ve come to expect from Core-Lokt, now guaranteed with a lead-free bullet.

Rigid construction from high-strength pure copper ensures Core-Lokt Copper’s monumental bullet dispatches big game and lives up to the legacy of the Deadliest Mushroom.

Core-Lokt Copper is the newest addition to the Core-Lokt family of ammunition. Remington’s classic Core-Lokt, as well as new award-winning Core-Lokt Tipped, are still being proudly manufactured daily in the USA.”


  • ACCURATE MONUMENTAL BULLET – All-copper projectile made from high-strength copper
  • CORE-LOKT PERFORMANCE – Precision hollow point for consistent deadly expansion and performance on-game, across a wide range of velocities
  • TRUSTED QUALITY COMPONENTS – Reliable brass, propellants and precise loading techniques for consistency shot-after-shot
  • LEAD-FREE PRIMER – Lead-free primer provides consistent ignition for peak performance

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