Energetic Armament has introduced their latest silencer with the new SONUS suppressor sporting a .355cal bore.

Energetic Armament states “Utilizing 17-4 Stainless Steel heat treated to the H900 condition, the Sonus is engineered to be ultralight at only 9.8 oz without sacrificing durability.

The precision engineered 17-4 design allows for thinner walls which not only optimize low weight but also increases internal volume while maintaining a small outer envelope. More internal volume = better sound attenuation.

Thinner walls also mean better heat transfer as the silencer converts the kinetic energy of high- speed muzzle gasses into heat rather than sound.

All these factors produce an optimized geometry to give you the best possible performance for the most compact, light silencer possible.

Efficiency is engineered into every silencer Energetic Armament designs and the Sonus continues that legacy.”


  • Rating: 9mm / .355cal bore
  • 9mm NATO Full Auto
  • 300BLK Super & Subsonic
  • 8.6BLK Subsonic Only
  • 38/357Mag
  • No barrel length restrictions under 1,000*F
  • 350 Legend, 10” Barrel Minimum
  • Design: Welded baffle stack with removable end cap, 1-1/4 in. standard hex
  • Standard reconfigurable wipe nose
  • Interchangeable industry-standard HUB/Bravo mounts, 1.375 x 24 thread for mounts

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