Reap Weaponries has debuted the SCY which is a bull-pup chassis for the AR-15 pattern.

Reap Weaponries state “The Scy brings the AR-15 platform into the bullpup fighting ring with complete modularity and adaptability.

We designed our product around the Mil-Spec lower receiver and standard sized, M-LOK, KeyMod™, and similar handguards.

The Scy allows for an adaptable bullpup configuration that can be tailored to a shooter’s needs, using the wealth of custom parts already available to consumers.”


  • Allows consumer to build a custom-tailored bullpup configured firearm
  • M-LOK, KeyMod™ compatible
  • Ability to be set up ambidextrous
  • Uses mil-spec components
  • Weight- 12 ounces
  • Relocates the trigger interface 9 ¾” forward
  • Linear trigger system
  • Designed for all mil-spec lowers with a removable trigger guard
  • Less than 1.5 lbs. trigger weight added
  • Recoil rated for up to .50 Beowulf
  • All components made in the USA
  • Adjustable to fit aftermarket triggers
  • Improves mobility and weight distribution
  • AR15 modularity remains open
  • Sleek snag mitigated design
  • All internal components are CNC machined held to strict quality standards
  • All units are assembled and tested by hand
  • Lifetime warranty on components

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