Parker Mountain Machine has released their latest offering with the new PMM Tardigrade Complete Uppers for the P320 pattern.

Parker Mountain Machine states “When picking a name for this pistol, the team at PMM wanted something that portrayed the use case of our P320 creation.

We made the decisions for this pistol based on hard use and enduring performance.

The water bear or Tardigrade is one of the most resilient creatures our planet and beyond has seen.

The Tardigrade is the next evolution of our X-Comp pistol from previous years.

Starting from a blank slide we wanted to offer simple function mixed with our own look offering a design at the front end that is similar to our best-selling comps, profiling the slide in a way that utilizes a winged comp helps blend the two together for a more seamless look as well as the function of a captured design.

The comp has seen many iterations in testing over the years and with some port geometry changes we are able to squeeze a small amount of performance out over our standard ultra comps by changing port angles and efficiency.”


  • PMM machined “builder” slide in DLC finish (RMR, SRO or Acro cuts offered)*
  • New Comp only available on these builds
  • New and improved in-house P320 barrel
  • Shipped in a new Pelican R60 ruck case which turns into a great storage solution for a medkit.

To learn more about Parker Mountain Machine. CLICK HERE