Browe INC has recently announced the pre-sale of their new BMRc-FMA-G BROWE Micor Reflex compact sight with 5MOA Green dot.

Browe INC states “The BROWE Micro Reflex Compact (BMRc) is specifically designed for optics ready pistols and perfectly suited for compact applications like today’s concealed carry pistols and personal defense weapons. Carry confidently knowing that the BMRc will increase your speed, improves your accuracy, and keeps your eyes focused on your target.

The BMRc-5MOA-G features a Motion Activated Sensor Technology sensor that will turn the optic on with any motion or turn the optic off after three (3) minutes without motion.

The sight also features auto-brightness which properly illuminates the 5 MOA dot to the perfect contrast based on ambient light conditions.

The housing is CNC precision machined from 7075-T6 with a hard anodized matte black finish and features a glass lens with anti-reflection multi-coatings.

The BMRc-5MOA-G is rugged, reliable companion for personal defense everyday carry.

During development over 60,000 rounds were fired on the Springfield Hellcat® to ensure the robust design could withstand the abuse of the one of the toughest pistols on the market. Also, the footprint was designed to direct adapted to the Springfield Micro™ footprint that has become the industry standard for concealed carry optics. (Shield RMSc Footprint)”


  • Motion Activated Sensor Technology
  • Robust 7075-T6 Housing Precision CNC Machined
  • New LED and firmware to eliminate dot flicker or dancing dot
  • New robust electronic design
  • Multi-Coated Glass Lens
  • 5 MOA Green Dot
  • Width at Base: 23.4mm (.92 in.)
  • Width at Optic Center: 24.8mm (.98 in.)
  • Length: 40.6mm (1.6 in.)
  • Weight, 19g (0.67 oz.)
  • Automatic Brightness
  • CR2032 Battery
  • 5yr. Battery Life – 50,000 hrs.
  • Waterproof IPX7 Rated
  • Integral Rear Backup Iron Sight Milled into Body
  • Protective Optic Cover Included
  • Lower profile 1/3 Co-Witness with Most Standard Night Sights
  • SHIELD RMSc Footprint
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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