Cloud Defensive has released in limited capacity an 80K Candela OWL weapon light.

Cloud Defensive states “The OWL was born in 2018. It’s widely known as the toughest weapon light ever produced.

We are sunsetting the OWL program effective immediately.

But to celebrate the life of the OWL, we are doing something special: We are producing the last 1000 units with a performance enhancement that will give you 80,000 Candela.

It’s a 60% increase in performance. And we’re only making a total of 1000 of these.”


  • One-piece integrated switch for optimized ergonomics.
  • UPGRADED to 1200 Lumens and 80,000 Candela
  • Runtime standards per ANSI/PLATO FL1 = 90 minutes. The amount of time until the light reaches 10% of its original output.
  • A Quick-Disconnect light head and tail-cap. Yes, you read that correctly. Our patent-pending Lug-Lok technology gives you a light head and a tailcap that are removable without traditional threading. A few degrees of rotation and you can immediately remove the head or tail-cap. Battery changes are now lightning fast and easy to do. Working around the muzzle or suppressor is now a breeze. Faster and safer.
  • An industry-first multi-purpose rail-mounted pressure switch allows for seamless momentary and constant-on operation.
  • Fully Ambidextrous. The reversible design allows it to be mounted on either side of the host weapon. Just disconnect the head and tail, reverse the batteries and swap the head/tail from their original position. And now it’s left-handed.
  • Field-Serviceable Lens. Our FSL system allows for damaged lens’ to be changed out in a matter of seconds, by the end-user.
  • Integrated mounting wrench built into the tailcap provides tool-free installation.
  • Waterproof and fully submersible. IPX8 rated for a depth of 200 feet for 24 hours. Due to a proprietary electrical system, if water does penetrate the system, the – light still works regardless. Air-dry when able and go back to work. Due to the pressure at those depths, expect the light to turn on at about 45ft of water. If depth exceeds 100ft, expect a little deformation of your switch cover. Function is not impaired however.
    Shockproof. Dustproof.
  • No external wires to deal with.
  • No external plugs or sockets that are susceptible to water/debris.
  • Lifetime Warranty – with very few exceptions, but we stand behind our products. Period.
  • The OWL is a completely, 100% made in the USA light. Manufactured and assembled in-house at our production facility.

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