Zerotech has recently launched their latest optic solution with the new Trace ADV Spotting scope in 20-60x80ED.

Zerotech states “ZeroTech Optics has expanded its long range precision shooting line of optics announced the release of their new 20-60x80mm FFP (First Focal Plane) spotting scope with their Optimized Spotting Reticle (OSR) MRAD reticle to the American market.

Crucial to long range target acquisition and precision fire, the Trace Advanced 20-60×80 spotting scope is an essential tool for improving your long-range shooting capabilities.

The new glass etched OSR MRAD reticle is used by the observer to call accurate shot adjustments along with identifying and ranging potential targets.

The OSR reticle is offset from the center of the field of view to maximize the observation area and the reticle is indexed in 0.2 MRAD to allow fast and precise shot corrections.

ZeroTech has also included 0.1 MRAD measuring bars on the elevation and windage axes for precise range estimation of known size targets.

The use of spotting scopes is important for many reasons, and not just limited to long range target shooters.

The new Trace ADV spotter allows hunters shooting in challenging terrains to get a better view of their target animal, which improves accuracy and precision when hunting game from long distances.

They also allow hunters to identify new potential targets when there is limited visibility or cover in the environment that would otherwise obscure them from view without magnification.

The new Trace ADV spotter comes equipped with ED glass and FMC lens coatings providing unmatched resolution, clarity, and optical performance in low-light environments

The spotter boasts a generous eye box, eliminating eyestrain and fatigue, while an oversized eyepiece ensures comfortable viewing all day long.

New to the ZeroTech product range is the integration of 3,9 & 12 o’clock Magpul MLOK compatible rail attachment points, these rail attachment points allow you to add your own accessories like a Kestrel Wind Meter, Range Finder, or red dot for fast target acquisition.

The Trace Advanced Spotter can be tripod mounted via ARCA, picatinny or traditional tripod head QD plates. “

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