Magnum Research has debuted their latest offering in the iconic Desert Eagle series of pistols with their new Black Cherry variant.

Magnum Research states “The Desert Eagle is known for its gorgeous looks, and the latest color sweetens the spectrum with a bright Black Cherry finish!

Each of these colorful Desert Eagle XIX series pistols begins life as a model DE50BKC, or DE44BKC handgun.

This gives the buyer two exciting magnum calibers to choose from, the .50 AE, or classic .44 Magnum.

The pistols are then finished with a metallic Black Cherry Cerakote, that is both beautiful and extremely durable.

Joby Georges, MRI Director of Manufacturing & Engineering, commented on the new Desert Eagle color option, saying “the Deagle is known for its flash, and that isn’t just at the muzzle.

Fans of the Desert Eagle want a gun that makes a statement, and the Black Cherry finish does just that!”

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