Magpul Industries has recently unveiled an upcoming product for this year the new Hunter Lite Stock made for the Savage Arms AXIS short action.

Magpul Industries state “The Hunter Lite – Savage AXIS Short Action is a purpose-built hunting stock that is designed for Savage AXIS rifles chambered in short action calibers.

The Hunter Lite streamlines our original Hunter Stocks to reduce the weight, streamline the dimensions, and provide a fully-featured upgrade for those who want a hunting rifle that won’t weigh them down during their outdoor pursuits.

The result is a stock that weighs 20% less and has a forend that’s almost 25% narrower than the original Hunter line.

Featuring enhanced ergonomics, the Hunter Lite Stock– Savage AXIS Short Action is compatible with both right and left-hand rifles by simply swapping out an inlet insert on the stock.

The aluminum V-bedding block features reinforced steel pillars to prevent compression and deformation while shooting.

The buttstock and forend have integral sling swivel studs for use with a variety of slings and bipods.

The buttstock has removable half-inch spacers for LOP adjustment and snap-on cheek risers with adjustable comb height.

An enlarged trigger guard allows comfortable use with gloves and allows access to the ambidextrous magazine release.

The magazine well features stamped steel over-insertion tabs to ensure repeatable proper presentation of the magazine under use.

The forend features multiple M-LOK slots to accommodate your choice of M-LOK accessories and is compatible with barrel profiles up to Medium Palma.”


  • Platform:Bolt Action
  • Compatibility:Savage AXIS & AXIS II rifles chambered in short action calibers, fed from AICS-compatible magazines
  • Butt-Pad Dimensions:1.5 x 4.9 in.
  • Length of Pull:13-15 in. LOP using included spacers
  • Weight:2.8 lbs
  • Width of Butt, max:1.5 in. (no Riser) – 1.75 in. (with Riser)
  • Width of Stock, max:1.75 in.

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