Benelli has recently expanded on their popular Black Eagle 3 Shotgun line with Real Tree Max-7 camo.

Benelli states “This year, multiple Benelli SBE 3 models are available in Realtree’s all-new Max-7 camo pattern, allowing the shotgun to blend seamlessly into any waterfowl environment.

Models include 12-, 20-, and 28-gauge chambering.

The SBE 3 is feature-heavy with Benelli innovations like the ComfortTech® 3 System and Crio®-treated barrels and choke tubes.

The enlarged bolt release and handle along with improved grip-to-trigger geometry boost ergonomics and functionality.

Benelli’s Inertia Driven™ System ensures consistent cycling no matter the load and is the cleanest semi-auto system in the industry.”


  • Super Black Eagle 3 – 12-Gauge, 3.5”
  • Super Black Eagle 3 – 12-Gauge, 3”
  • Super Black Eagle 3 – 20-Gauge, 3”
  • Super Black Eagle 3 – 28-Gauge, 3”

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