GPO USA has announced their latest offering in optics with the new GPO Spectra Reflex sight.

GPO USA states “The features and benefits of this new sight are voluminous. The built-in photo sensor adjusts the brightness of the 3mm red dot automatically depending on the outside/inside light conditions.

There is no rubber push button which easily damages during extended usage; the device is all-the-time ready to go.

A built-in motion sensor will switch the device automatically on or off, extending battery life up to an astounding 25,000 hours.

Also, the battery is placed in a sealed drawer on the side of the device, making it unnecessary to dismount the device and zero it again when changing the battery.

The battery drawer can be removed without tools, and the time to change the battery is less than one minute.

Also, the windage and elevation turrets offer tactile clicks by turning and adjusting them with a small tool.

The user can feel each of the clicks which ensures the adjustments needed for precise zeroing.”

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