Meprolight has recently shown off their next generation ultra-rugged red dot with the new MEPRO TRU-VISION red dot optic.

Meprolight states “The MEPRO TRU-VISION™ electro-optical MIL-SPEC red dot sight is shockproof, waterproof, and durable.

Its short-length, compact, and lightweight design addresses the need for co-mounting multiple tactical devices (magnifiers, laser pointers, etc.) on your Picatinny rail.

In addition, the MEPRO TRU-VISION is compatible with the Mepro MX3F/T magnifier and other popular models to facilitate engaging targets at intermediate shooting distances. Energy-efficient, it provides thousands of operating hours from a single “CR123” standard battery.

The MEPRO TRU-VISION™ also features an automatic brightness control system that enables clear visibility of the red dot in any lighting condition.

In addition, if the user manually controls the reticle brightness level, there are 16 brightness settings (12 daytime, 4 nighttime (NVG/NOD)), allowing the user to adjust to any lighting condition they may encounter.

The large non-reflective display window (1.14″ x 0.78″) and clearly defined 2 MOA red dot reticle ensure rapid target acquisition with both eyes open and unlimited field of view while remaining parallax free.

Zeroing elevation and windage adjustment screws move the reticle by 0.5 MOA per click.

In addition, the sight has an integrated sleep mode (after 30 minutes of no movement and when no button is pressed) and an automatic power-off mode of 4 or 8 hours (user selectable) when no button is pressed/no movement is detected.

The Mepro TRU-VISION™ is equipped with a low battery indicator, a light sensor, a manual, and a soft cover in the factory packaging.”

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