Sako has announced the launch of their newly updated TRG family of products

Sako States “Sako and Beretta are pleased to announce the addition of new colorways to the Sako TRG family of precision rifles – more particularly to the TRG 22A1 and TRG 42A1 for the US civilian market.

The Sako TRG family of products has spent the last two decades building its reputation in theaters and agencies around the globe as the finest production sniper platform available.

The TRG 22/42A1 family represents decades of refinement and innovation, bringing to life feedback from multiple militaries and agencies around the world, and is also available to civilian long-range precision shooters worldwide.

The Sako TRG delivers a long-range shooting platform that meets the needs of durability, reliability, innovation, and consistent accuracy to satisfy the most demanding competitive precision shooters and perform in the most challenging Precision Rifle Series or Extreme Long-Range matches.

The heart of the TRG is a Tri-lug bolt and action with a 60-degree bolt throw for quick and smooth lock and unlock. Sako-style ejectors provide reliable ejection, and manufacturing to the finest tolerance provides the smoothness of loading and manipulation that shooters have come to expect from any Sako rifle.

Always paired with the action is a cold hammer-forged barrel that ensures superior accuracy, consistency, and durability.


  • Spring Loaded Quick Adjust Comb and Butt Stock
  • Quick Folding Stock
  • Vertical Pistol Grip
  • Tri-Lug 60-Degree Bolt-Throw (with Dual Ejector Plungers – TRG 42A1)
  • Fully Adjustable Two-Stage Trigger for Pull Weight & Travel
  • 15” M-Lok Forend w/ 30 MOA 1913 Picatinny Optics Rail
  • Cold Hammer-Forged Threaded Barrel w/ Guaranteed Sub-MOA Accuracy
  • Interchangeable Backstrap Grips
  • 2x Integral QD Sling Mounts

The TRG 22/42A1 family of products include multiple quick adjustment settings on the folding stock for ultimate adaptability regardless of the scenario in which the shooter is placed.

All adjustments can be made quickly without using any tools, and the stock can also be securely locked down when required.

The folding stock has a dual-hinge design to eliminate any interface play.

The trigger is adjustable forward and rearward for the optimal length of pull and finger pad placement and is fully weight adjustable for both professional and competition environments.

The 15” aluminum forend provides seven surfaces of M-Lok for accessories and a continuous 30 MOA 1913 Picatinny rail from the top of the receiver to the end of the forend for optics, laser, thermal, or night vision device attachment.

This configuration ensures proper alignment of multiple optics and maximum scope adjustability for long-range engagements.

The TRG 42A1 is equipped with dual ejection plungers, which make frequent cartridge ejection more seamless than ever.

The TRG 22/42A1 family now comes standard with two magazines and is available in 4 Cerakote® finishes- Tungsten Gray, Coyote Brown, Graphite Black, and Olive Drab Green.

With a guaranteed sub-MOA out-of-the-box performance, the TRG A1 is ready to engage in the harshest environments at any distance.

The newly updated TRG family of rifles is powered by the Sako TRG Precision cartridge – an open-tip, boat tail match bullet developed specifically for competition and precision long-range shooting.

Using only the finest components, TRG Precision ammunition provides excellent consistency and extreme accuracy.

Made with match-grade primers, TRG precision cartridges feature Lapua® Scenar-L™ High BC OTM or Sierra® Matchking® bullets, temperature-stable premium powders, and a proprietary brass blend that has been annealed multiple times during the forming process.

Now available in 4 long-range calibers – 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .300 Win, and .338 Lapua®.”

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