High Speed Gear has recently expanded on their TACO series of magazine pouches with two new styles, the Double Extended Pistol TACO and the Duty Double Extended Pistol TACO.

High Speed Gear states “The Duty Double Extended Pistol TACO® was designed with law enforcement professionals in mind.

This product speaks to the end-user who needs to secure extended pistol magazines, large flashlights, collapsible batons, and similarly sized items.

This pouch functions much like it’s original TACO® counterpart but offers a sleek and professional appearance with shock-cord hidden.

The Double Extended Pistol TACO® operates much like the duty-line sibling but has the recognizable High Speed Gear TACO® design, with shock-cord woven externally.
Magazines are deployed and stored easily and on demand with both products.

Both products are permanently secured to a laser-cut laminate base, ensuring easy and stable mounting on any MOLLE or PALS platform, such as vests, plate carriers, or duty belts.”

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