Tyrant Designs CNC has expanded support for the popular Sig Sauer P365 micro compact pistol with their new extended magazine releases.

Tyrant Designs CNC states “This aftermarket part is molded from steel and is a drop-in replacement for all P365 platforms including the P365 Macro, P365 Spectre, P365 Spectre Comp, P365x, and P365XL.

It features a raised 3mm control surface with deep serrations, making it easier to manipulate.

Our Sig P365 magazine release is molded from stainless steel and merges flawlessly with the ergonomics and styling of your Sig handgun.

In addition to having ambidextrous functionality, the profile of this magazine catch is slightly raised with chamfered edges which helps ensure that you eject your P365 magazine quickly and with ease!”

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