Apex Tactical has released their latest offering with the MRAT compentsator kit for the FNX 45.

Apex Tactical states “The MRAT Compensator for the FNX-45 is a Direct Thread-on compensator that reduces muzzle rise by 40-60% (depending on ammunition).

A captive-spring guide rod assembly is included, which is necessary for proper function due to the reduced slide velocity produced by the MRAT.

The spring retaining nut is removable to allow for spring replacement and additional tuning.

This kit was tested with a variety of SAAMI Spec ammunition; from the lightest “target” rounds to +P duty rounds.

Hand loads with less than SAAMI Spec pressure may induce malfunctions.”


  • Reduced felt recoil
  • Reduced muzzle rise
  • Faster sight return after each round fired
  • Wings on the comp body cover the gap between the slide and comp to provide a streamlined look
  • Sweet custom look that nobody else has

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