Cloud Defensive has gone live with their much anticipated CORv3 series of AR-15 pattern handguards.

Cloud Defensive states “introducing the beginning and end of this version of the COR. We spent a lot of time on this. It’s amazing.

And it’s proven miserable to produce.

So. This is a short-run of the joint Primary Weapons Systems and Cloud proprietary barrel nut/lock-up system.

We will be moving back to the Bravo Company USA barrel nut system in the future, but there is no ETA.

As such, these rails are now unicorns.

There are only about 600 that exist.

In 4 sizes. In 4 colors. If you get one, you’ll be the only kid on the block who has it.”


– Now featuring a full Picatinny rail recess on the 9.55” and 10.7” variants, specifically designed for recessed light/laser integration on pistol and SBR builds.
– Now offering standard-height picatinny rail sections at the for-end of the 12.95″ and 15” variants for your back-up sights to maximize sight radius on RECCE and DMR/SPR builds.
– Offered in 4 sizes.
– Offered in 4 colors. All anodized.
– Utilizes a new, patented barrel nut and proprietary lock-up system. (Limited Run)

To learn more about Cloud Defensive. CLICK HERE

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