Milspin has released their latest offering for the Glock’s pistol patterns with the new Milspin Weighted Brass X-CARVE magazine base plate.

Milspin states “The Milspin Weighted Brass X-Carve Base Plate is a beefy hunk of high-grade Brass that serves 3 game changing purposes:

  1. Rapid magazine ejection speeds.

Even empty magazines will now eject from the pistol grip at record speeds allowing for unparalleled speed reloading experience.

  1. Increased pistol weight to reduce overall recoil when engaging multiple targets.

Even a slightly weighted sidearm will show recoil improvement, especially with the professionally balanced Weighted Brass X-Carve Mag Plate.

  1. The 3rd and most important rule: always look cool. Milspin’s world class design team absolutely nailed this design with a heavy emphasis on chamfered features and precision machined grooves for grip enhancement.”


  • Designed and manufactured by U.S. Special Operations Veterans
  • Machined out of a solid block of Brass
  • Extended base for easier mag changes.
  • Sleek design for comfort while carrying inside the waistband
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort when inserting the magazine with the palm of your hand.

To learn more about MILSPIN. CLICK HERE