Type-A Rifles who is known for their well-crafted hard-use rifles has recently announced their new Ambi AR-10 series featuring Billet receivers.

Type-A Rifles states “TYPE-A rifles is proud to announce the release of our new ambidextrous billet AR10 line of rifles.

This next evolution of our AR10 line has been a ground up purpose built receiver set with a number of upgrades and improvements over the standard forged receivers.

The biggest upgrade is the fully ambidextrous controls that have been incorporated into the lower receiver to mimic our AR15 billet line.

We started with the machining of our bolt catch and controls out of billet steel instead of using a casting or metal injected molded parts.

We’ve also added a slight internal flare to the wire EDM magwell for easier reloads and a new ambidextrous safety selector with a smaller support hand lever that can be adjusted to a 90 or 70 degree throw.

Here at TYPE-A, we strive to produce the highest quality product possible.

As a result, we have brought in as much of the machining process in house as possible to keep our quality standards as high as possible.

Almost every single piece of this firearm is made in our Grand Rapids factory to ensure its ready to perform in the harshest environments our customers may face.

Rifles will ship currently with a direct impingement gas system as well as a 30 position adjustable gas block.

This offers a wide variety of adjustability depending on your suppressor and desired settings.

Every AR10 will ship with our 416R match grade stainless steel barrels with a 5/8×24 threading which guarantees sub moa accuracy from the factory using match grade ammunition.

We will be offering our AR10s in a number of barrel lengths including 10.5”,12.5”,13.7”,16” and 18” to start with more options coming down the road.

We will also have a few different calibers available for order in the future as well with 308 WIN and 6.5 Creedmoor being the main focus.

Currently our AR10 platform will be offered with our hybrid SPR rail with our MK2 Slim MLOK and quad rail variants coming shortly after.

All current cerakote options for our AR15 line will be available to order on our AR10 for no additional cost to the customer.”


Lower Receiver

  • Lower Receiver: TYPE-A Ambidextrous Billet Receiver 7075-T611
  • Lower Type: Armalite Style Cut W/Internal Mag Flare
  • Bolt Catch: Billet Machined from S-7 Tool Steel and Heat Treated
  • Fire Selector: Billet 90/70 Degree Adjustable Short Throw
  • Stock: B5Systems Bravo Stock
  • Grip: B5Systems Texturized P-Grip
  • Trigger: TYPE-A PMC 2-Stage Trigger – 1 ½lb. Reset w/ 4lb. Pull
  • Rear Mount: TYPE-A Low Profile S7 Micro End Plate

Upper Receiver

  • Upper Receiver: TYPE A Machined Billet Upper Receiver 7075-T611
  • Upper Style: Armalite Style Cut
  • Barrel: TYPE-A 416R SS Match Grade Barrel
  • Gas Block: 30 Position Fully Adjustable Gas Block
  • Muzzle Device: 30 Cal ASR Ready Muzzle Brake or Customers Choice of Muzzle
  • Handguard: TYPE-A SPR, MK2 Slim, or MK Quad Rail
  • Charging Handle: TYPE-A Ambidextrous Charging Handle

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