ANR Design has launched the new ANVL USA Mjölnir Riser which is a modular picatinny Riser.

ANR Design states “The Mjölnir Riser, a Picatinny riser, is a modular riser that has the ability to change to two different heights, 2.26″ and 1.93″ for XPS height optics, and a 2.24″ optical centerline for “low-thirds” optics.

The Mjölnir Riser fits direct-to-rail mounted optics. The Mjölnir Riser optical centerline may vary depending on the mounting option of the optic being used.

It was designed to have an optical centerline of 2.26″ for absolute-witness optics like the EoTech XPS® in the higher mount setting.

There is a slight optical centerline shift when using a EOTech EXPS® with a centerline closer to 2.24.

The Mjölnir Riser is compatible with EOTech EXPS®, Leupold LCO®, Vortex UH-1®, EOTech XPS®, Sig Sauer Romeo 8T, and other absolute and lower-thirds optics.

The Mjölnir Riser’s modularity is where it shines.

Designed to be compatible with Unity FAST™ LTC Magnifier Mount with EOTech EXPS®, and EOTech XPS® with their respective inserts installed, or removed.

The Mjölnir Riser comes with a loose set of 10-24 x 3/8 screws to build the Mjölnir Riser in the lower, 1.93″ XPS, or 2.24″ EXPS ride height.

1.93″ and 2.26″ optic mounts and riser heights have gained wide popularity with end users donning electronic ear protection, helmets, night vision, thermal, gas mask or respiration systems.

Taller optic mounts and optic risers promote a head’s up posture for faster target acquisition and better awareness when shooting.

There is not more issues with the tubes of taller NVG, such as, bridged PVS-14 crashing into the top rail of a weapon system.”


  • Dimensions: 1.43″ W, 3.25″ L, 1.08″ H (2.26″ OC) 0.765″ H (1.93″ OC) Dimensions based off OC of Absolute-Witness Optics
  • Weight: 1.93″ = 2.1oz, 2.26″ = 2.5oz
  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Coating: Type III Hardcoat Anodized
  • Mounting Style: Cleated Picatinny Clamp
  • Compatibility: The Mjölnir Riser fits direct-to-rail mounted optics.
  • Hardware: Top Rail Screws are a 1/8 Allen, the Picatinny Clamp Screws are a 5/32 Allen.

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