Onward Research has recently debuted new rifle slings the Splinter sling and OG sling.

Onward Research states “Features a tight woven polyester webbing that’s smooth af and boasts 50% strength over milspec nylon.

In addition the webbing is rated at over 1200 lbs of tensile strength, more than enough to hold your 10 lb Block II M4 (if you’re a chad).

The quick-adjustment-buckle is made of aluminum as opposed to a polymer one that might wear out. Overall this sling is all business, quick to adjust, slides easily over equipment.”


  • Length: 59-70”
  • Stitching: Double Stitched
  • Hardware: ITW Polymer
  • Buckle: Adjustable Aluminum
  • Durability: Webbing melting point of 400 degrees with 1200lbs of tensile strength

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