Black Triangle Group has launched their latest piece of kit with the Rigid Visor Panel.

Black Triangle Group states “The Rigid Visor Panel allows the end user to have lifesaving and other essential goods within reach inside a vehicle.”


  • Panel Dimensions:11.5” L x 5.5” W
  • Black and FDE Boltaron .125” thick
  • Light Grey Boltaron .080” thick
  • 18 riveted 1/4” holes (The riveted holes serve as anchor points if you wish to dummy cord the panel to your bag)
  • 18 non-riveted 1/4” holes
  • 4×4 1” MOLLE/MALICE channels
  • Rigid Visor Panel comes with 2x 1/8” braided shock cord and 2x Barreloc Cord Lock for visor mounting
  • Also includes 10” of 1/8” braided shock cord for fastening a tourniquet.

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