Liberty Suppressors has released their latest in muzzle devices/ suppressor mounts with the new PInnable LS2 flash hider which allows the user to pin and weld to a 14.5 inch barrel to meet the OAL 16 inch requirement.

Liberty Suppressors states “This flash hider is designed to adapt the Sovereign silencer to your favorite rifle platforms.

The variable length of the tines helps to keep it from ringing like many other designs do, and it is ver compact compared to many other designs.

We designed it with performance and durability in mind, so it is cut from a solid piece of 416 stainless steel and then salt bath nitrided for a durable finish that will last for years.

It also is designed with a wire cutter to ballistically open fences in a hurry.

This thing is pretty much bomb proof, get one and try it today!

We also offer a 1/2-28 extended option! Measuring 2.25″ from end to end, it allows a 14.5″ barrel to be brought up to 16.15″ when pinned and welded (by a trained gunsmith, following ATF specs).

This part comes pre-drilled for the pin, making the operation even easier for your gunsmith.

Now you can take your Sovereign (or other Sovereign mount capable silencer) and mount it to shorter, lighter, handier rifles.”

To learn more about Liberty Suppressors. CLICK HERE

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