Odin Works has recently announced their new Enhanced Series AR-9 pattern bolt carrier groups.

Odin Works states “Introducing our new ODIN Works Enhanced Series, 9mm bolt carrier group. Innovative and unlike anything in the industry, this feature packed bolt carrier group is the new standard.

Features like a proprietary threaded firing pin retainer for easy service and a specifically designed 9mm extractor are what really make our carrier stand out from the rest.

Machined from 416 heat treated stainless steel, no part on the carrier is MIM (metal injection molding).

The black carrier has a Micro Slik coating, whereas the grey is not MS coated to show its stainless steel finish.

Instead of the traditional alignment key, we have two heat treated screws that are also roll pinned onto the carrier.

To ensure easy service of your carrier, we used a proprietary threaded firing pin that can be removed with an allen wrench, instead of a roll pin that is always a huge pain.

Being able to easily service your carrier will add to it’s life.

Most 9mm bolt carrier groups use a standard M16 extractor, but we’ve designed an extractor specifically for 9mm casings to ensure it’s always reliable.

The Enhanced 9mm Bolt Carrier is still compatible with Colt and Glock lowers and magazines.

Don’t settle for average, stand above the rest with the ODIN Works Enhanced Series Bolt Carrier.”


  • 416 Heat Treated Stainless Steel Carrier
  • 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel Firing Pin
  • Specifically Designed 9mm Extractor
  • HT Alignment Screws
  • Proprietary Threaded Firing Pin Retainer
  • No MIM Parts
    C- ompatible with Glock and Colt lowers & magazines

To learn more about Odin Works. CLICK HERE

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