Masterpiece Arms has recently shown off their latest in precision bolt action rifle chassis with the new MPA Matrix Professional Chassis.

Masterpiece Arms states “The Matrix Pro Chassis is the next generation of the most revolutionary chassis ever produced.

With the multitude of configurations in grips, thumb rests and trigger finger supports, the primary interface between the shooter and the rifle (the grip) has over 100 different options.

The location of the shooters hand – closer to the bore of the rifle – provides even more variety on how the shooter can set up the chassis.

The Matrix Pro is designed with the top level PRS/NRL Competitor in mind.

As the competitive market changes rapidly, the equipment needed by the top competitive shooters must also evolve.

No other company within the long range competitive market has continued to lead this market with new technology like MPA has.

The Matrix Pro is the epitome of this product enhancement.”


  • 6 grip options (3 Swept and 3 Vertical)
  • 3 thumb rest options
  • 4 trigger finger support options
  • M-Lok slots along the sides and bottom of the chassis fore-end.
  • Enhanced buttstock design with butt hook
  • Standard or Enhanced Night Vision Bridge

To learn more about Masterpiece Arms. CLICK HERE

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