Magpul Industries has recently announced their latest piece of kit with the new Magpul Flight Glove 2.0

Magpul Industries states “Building on the advancements our Magpul® Flight Glove made to traditional Nomex® flight gloves worn by military aviators since the 1960s, the Magpul Flight Glove 2.0 adds an updated fit and modern materials to create a superior tactile and protective solution to a “government issue” solution.

They include ambidextrous, three-finger touchscreen capability and they excel during any high dexterity task where protection is needed, such as welding or working on engines. The back of the hand is built from a combination of Nomex® and Kevlar®, offering flash-resistance, flame, and anti-static protection.”


  • Flash-resistant Nomex® and Kevlar® back of hand for flame and anti-static protection
  • Durable and soft one-piece goatskin leather palm and finger construction for enhanced feel and control of firearms
  • Ambidextrous three-finger touchscreen capability and excellent flexibility and dexterity
  • Gauntlet coverage extends past the wrist

To learn more about Magpul Industries. CLICK HERE

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