Killer Innovations has launched their new Sancer barrels for both Glock’s 19 and 17 patterns within GEN 3,4, and 5.

Killer Innovations states “Our Sancer Barrel line features extremely tight tolerances and are manufactured with pre-hardened chromium stainless steel 416R.

This is the same material we use to produce our “Velocity SPT Barrels”, the most accurate pistols barrels available.

416R provides high tensile strength and toughness to withstand typical chamber pressures while still being highly corrosion resistant.

Sancer barrels are broach cut rifled, unlike the “Single Point Technology”, rifling in our Velocity Barrels.

Broach cutting is a more cost-effective way to produce better than OEM accuracy at a more affordable price.

Sancer Barrels are still 100% inspected to meet our high-quality standards.”


Material: 416R
Chamber: 9MM Luger
Twist Rate: 1:10
Compatible With: Glock 19 / Gen 3, 4 & 5 / Glock 19X / Glock 17 1-5
Weight: Glock 19 3.64 OZ W/O Thread Protector
Length: Glock 19 4.5” O.A.L. W/O Thread Protector
Weight: Glock 17 4.06 OZ W/O Thread Protector
Length: Glock 17 4.973” O.A.L. W/O Thread Protector
Threads: ½-28
Each Threaded Barrel comes with our original Gen 3 Thread Protector
Thread Protector Finish: Black Nitride
Thread Protector Weight: .16 OZ
High-Temp Rubber O-Ring Included

To learn more about Killer Innovations. CLICK HERE

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