Haley Strategic Partners has recently launched their latest piece of kit with the much anticipated Thorax Plate Carrier.

Haley Strategic states “THORAX has been through many revisions in it’s life. Beginning as a modular plate bag for chest rigs to evolving into a fully fledged plate carrier system.

Just like the Dragonfly of our logo, THORAX is designed to be adaptable for any mission requirements.

We understand the importance of adaptability from an operational view.

The force multiplier and lethality it brings is why we designed our plate carrier to have such features.

THORAX seamlessly interfaces with our existing products and those currently in development.

It’s construction incorporates advanced materials to maintain the highest level of mobility and protection for the user with minimal weight and profile.

In essence THORAX is a reflection of our vision and the answer to the most important three letter word. Why?”

To learn more about Haley Strategic Partners. CLICK HERE

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