CMMG has recently launched their latest offering in the Banshee series of pistols and rifles in the MK4 platform with the new FourSix that is chambered in the HK 4.6x30mm cartridge.

The 4.6x30mm cartridge is what the unicorn HK Mp7 is chambered in.

The new CMMG Foursix is the first civilian firearms featuring this same chambering.

CMMG states “CMMG is proud to announce the release of the FourSix, the first ever line of ARs to hit the civilian market that are chambered in 4.6x30mm.

With an impressive 40-round magazine capacity, light recoil and penetrating power at close distances, CMMG’s FourSix is here to reimagine the Personal Defense Weapon.

CMMG’s FourSix is built on the company’s Mk4 platform which features AR15 controls and modularity.

Best of all, the 40-round FourSix magazines seat into a standard AR15-sized magwell, which means users can pair their existing AR15 lower receiver with a CMMG FourSix upper receiver and magazine.”

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