Beretta has recently announced their new precision hunting type rifle the Beretta BRX1.

Beretta states “Fast, accurate, reliable – introducing Beretta BRX1. The military based, ultra-tried and tested locking system features a rotating bolt head with 8 locking lugs, or 16 for magnum calibers.

Safe and strong, BRX1 successfully passed the NATO tests which are performed on Beretta military firearms.

The BRX1 is flexible to different types of hunting such as selection hunting, hunt or for long distances in mountain hunting.

A tradition to be passed down from father to son even if one is left-handed without having to buy another rifle.

In designing the BRX1, Beretta engineers have also evaluated the needs of left-handed shooters, the bolt lever and the cartridge ejection system are easily reversible, in a few minutes and without the use of tools.”


  • Action:Linear reloading system
  • Magazine:5 shot flush ( Magnum cal. included)
  • Receiver:matt black anodized receiver
  • Trigger:adjustable trigger in 3 weights starting from 900g up to 1500g
  • Weight unloaded (g):3350 ( with 57cm barrel & no scope)

To learn more about Beretta. CLICK HERE

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