SilencerCo has recently expanded on the Hybrid 46 do-all suppressor series with the launch of the new Hybrid 45M suppressor.

SilencerCo states “For six years, the Hybrid 46 hasn’t had any competition… until now.

The Hybrid 46M is a light, compact, modular centerfire rifle suppressor, with the versatility to use on magnum rifles, pistols, and subguns.

Both configurations are full-auto rated.

The Hybrid 46M is rated for all centerfire pistol and rifle calibers including 45 Auto, 10MM, .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, .45-70, .338 LM and up to .460 Weatherby Magnum.”


  • CALIBER COMPATIBILITY​:9MM to 45 ACP / 5.56 NATO to 45–70 GOV & up to 338 LM
  • TOTAL LENGTH:5.78–9.0″
    ​- WEIGHT:12.2 – 19.9 oz
    ​- DIAMETER:1.57″
    ​- MUZZLE AVERAGE:128.9 dB and up
  • FINISH:Black Cerakote

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