Spiritus Systems recently released their latest piece of kit with the new JSTA pouch.

Spiritus Systems states “The JSTA Pouch was designed as a space saving solution for battle belts and other platforms with MOLLE mounting points.

The pouch features two inline stacked compartments that allow the end user to combine their magazine holders with a GP pouch in a small form factor.

The JSTA can either be mounted to a belt through the integrated belt loops, or with MOLLE webbing.

The pouch requires 3 rows & 3 columns of MOLLE to be properly mounted and has a footprint similar to the Spiritus Systems Small GP Pouch.

Outside of belt mounted configurations, the JSTA is a great alternative to a small GP for flanking a Micro Fight on the Thing 2 Chassis.

It can also be mounted to an LV/119 MOLLE Cummerbund. “

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