Spiritus Systems in collaboration with Toor Knives debuts The Box Cutter Tomahawk.

Spiritus Systems states “Spiritus Systems and Toor Knives have teamed up to develop a new Tomahawk silhouette that excels as both a utility and tool of War.

It’s been christened the “Box Cutter” to avoid the prying eyes of pesky AI algorithms and tech giant oligarchy internet thugs.

Like so many tools of War, Tomahawks are embedded in our collective DNA.

Like those carried by US Warfighters in every conflict, our Tomahawk is constructed with ending bloodlines in mind.

Built with D2 steel, this new design strikes the perfect balance between old world craftsmanship and the industrial-grade durability you would expect from a modern fighting implement.

The axe head on the Box Cutter features a downward-sloping spine and a blade face that has been ground to a cutting edge.

The beak is aggressively hooked at the bottom to save weight, but also to maintain purchase on anything the axe has been lodged in.

On the opposite end of the head, two working-edge bevels meet at a spike point that is durable enough to chew through stubborn obstacles or punch holes in thicker material.

The point is just long enough to keep your knuckles out of the way when the Box Cutter is being used to pry something open.

The Box Cutter’s tang runs the entire length of the 13” haft and maintains a consistent thickness from the top of the spine all the way down.

This construction technique creates an extremely strong finished product that will be able to withstand repeated impact shocks when the head makes contact under force.
The outside of the haft is flanked by pinned Black G10 or Walnut handle scales that have been beveled and textured for grip.

G10 is an extremely durable material that will not warp or crack when exposed to moisture or heat, and the Walnut is a suitable option for those seeking a much more traditional look.

Each Box Cutter is made in the Toor Knives’ San Diego workshop and comes with a custom Kydex sheath that can be mounted to a variety of platforms, including fighting belts.

The head is secured in the sheath with both the passive retention of the molded KYDEX ® and a locking shock cord wrap.”

To learn more about Spiritus Systems, Toor Knives, and The Box Cutter Tomahawk. CLICK HERE

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