Wide Open Triggers has recently announced thier new Ar-15 pattern, hard-reset style two-stage trigger.

Wide Open Triggers states “The Wide Open Trigger (WOT) is a two-stage, hard-reset trigger that allows the user the ability to shoot faster, while still allowing only one single shot per trigger pull.

The trigger is designed to shorten the length and time a trigger needs to reset itself, by using the elastic energy of the patent-pending spring carrier.

When compressed, the spring carrier forces the trigger into a neutral or reset position.

The WOT has a patent-pending, spring-locking bar that makes the trigger unique.

The trigger’s hammer is reinforced with Hardox steel, which due to its toughness, copes with shocks, jolts, bangs, nicks, and jabs day after day.

This material allows the WOT to take the constant beating of the bolt carrier group (BCG) as it cycles back and forth in an AR-15 rifle or pistol.

​​​​​​​The WOT is not capable of being a fully automatic trigger because the hammer is released by the locking bar and hits the firing pin.

The firing pin then activates the primer on the brass casing which allows only one bullet to make its way out of the rifle with each pull of the trigger.”

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