ZEV Technologies announced the roll out of their new polymer magazine base pads for the for the Glock 9mm/40SW pattern of magazines.

Zev Technologies states “Grip, durability, value, and quality are all DNA points that Zev products share. In fact, they’re at the top of our list when developing products.

When we decided to release our new Polymer Basepads, we knew we had grip figured out since it shares a similar texture to our aluminum versions.

So durability and value became the focus and we hit this one out of the park!

Available in black, red(coming soon), grey, and FDE.

Capacity is increased by +5 when used with 9mm and by +4 when used with 40 caliber ammunition.

ZEV designed these parts to be compatible with Glock 17 mags for generations 1-5.

They can also be easily maintained without damage to the mag body.

Available at your local dealer and in stock at Zevtechnologies.com today.”


  • Adds +5 capacity on 9mm
  • Adds +4 capacity on .40 cal
  • Fits standard capacity GLOCK 9mm & .40 magazines
  • 3-piece design is easy to reassemble without damaging the mag body
  • Additional power spring provided
  • ZEV Technologies¬© will not ship any of these items to individuals living within the state of California.

To learn more about ZEV Technologies and their Glock pattern polymer magazine base pads. CLICK HERE