Shaw Concepts has recently released the much anticipated ARC Placard V2 currently available in multicam with more color options coming.

Shaw Concepts states “The ARC Placard V2 is our design for a caliber adaptable placard that features our other unique placard designs.

The ARC Placard V2 features a Hook & Loop Velcro lined main pocket to accept various Caliber Inserts such as our Triple 556, Double 762 and Quintuple 9mm Insert.

On the front is Molle/Pals to upscale the placard however you may need.

The sides still feature elastic loops for Markers, Chem. Lights, Decompression needs and other pen shaped items.

The sides now also feature loops for First Spear Tubes™ to be attached for direct integration into a Tubed Cummerbund.

The bottom features a 4″ Elastic Tourniquet Sleeve that is tight and will retain a CAT or similar sized Tourniquet extremely well.

Also on the bottom are cornered Pull Tabs for lifting the placard off a carrier or chest rig but also lashing on dangling items such as Tape or Chem. Lights.

Like our other placard the ARC Placard V2 features interchangeable 1″ buckles and adjustable ride height with Velcro One Wrap Webbing.”


  • Hook & Loop Velcro Pocket for Multi-Caliber Inserts
  • MOLLE/PALS Front
  • Side Elastic Loops for Pen Style Items
  • Side Webbing for First Spear Tubes™
  • Removable 1″ ITW Male Side Release Buckles
  • Adjustable Placard Height w/Velcro OneWrap Straps
  • Elastic Tourniquet Sleeve
  • Corner Pull Tabs
  • 9″ x 5″ Hook Backing
  • 500D Cordura & Laminate Construction

To learn more about Shaw Concepts. CLICK HERE