Knife Maker Dull Boy Blades has recently released their latest offering the Fang non-metallic tool that is 3d printed from black fiber HTLPLA.

Dull Boy Blades states “The idea is you can protect your hand and concentrate the force of your blow (punch, hammer fist…) in a small area.

I am no expert when it comes to tactics or NPE tools in general so I won’t tell you how this tool “should” be used. You decide if it can be useful to you in your life.

Without a sharp tip you can carry it in a bunch of places, pocket, iwb, in your sock… and if you need to toss it in the trash it’s no big deal because it’s only 15 bucks

This material still doesn’t compare to g10 in terms of toughness and hardness. But I think a tool like this has its place.


  • Designed and printed by DULL BOY BLADES
  • OAL 5.25″
  • thickness .3″

To learn more about Dull Boy Blades and the 3d printed Fang. CLICK HERE