ANR Design has recently gone live with the ANVL UKON R4T V2 optic mount.

ANR Design states “ANVL UKON R4T V2 is a micro Sig Sauer Romeo 4T type rifle mount that incorporates a single focal plane absolute co-witness backup iron sight package.

It utilizes a standard type AR-15 adjustable front sight post. It has the ability to adjust elevation.

The user can adjust elevation to be point of aim, point of impact for subsonic rounds while still running the red dot for super sonic and vice versa.

It can be used as an absolute co-witness as well for a backup if the red dot fails.

Because it is a single focal plane, and it is so close together for a sight picture; the irons actually act like a backup red dot.

The mount is constructed from 6061 aluminum with a type 3 hard coat.”

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