YES! you read that right! Griffworx who is known for their super high quality products has shown off their latest offering for the Glock pattern that has all the Gucci-Glock boys thirsting with the Aletai Armanty metorite Glock sights that feature diamond dots that sit infront of tritium tubes.

Griffworx states “Probably one of the sickest things I’ve made to date. Bodies are made from a 4.5 billion year old Aletai Armanty meteorite, the dots are .05ct VVS1 diamonds.

But that wasn’t enough, so I’ve also put tritium tubes behind the diamonds.

That’s right, diamond night sights. You’re welcome Gucci boys.

I had a bunch of help with this and definitely couldn’t have done it without some super specific guidance from my guy @patrick_adair and some top notch genuine materials from @ak_designs

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