Lehigh Defense has recently expanded on the E Series Fluid Transfer Monolithic projectiles (EFTM) with the 115GR Xtreme Penetrator Projectile.

Lehigh Defense states “We are pleased to announce that we continue to add to our line of “E” Series Fluid Transfer Monolithic (EFTM) Projectiles.

With demand and cost continuing to spiral out of control, we set-up a team that is solely focused on converting all of our most popular CNC Machined projectiles over to our new Cold-formed Process.

The next addition to our line-up is our 115gr Xtreme Penetrator Projectile.”


  • SKU:07355115SPFC
  • Caliber / Cartridge:.355/9mm Luger
  • Technology:Xtreme Penetrator
  • Weight (gr):115
  • Bullet Length (in):0.630
  • Velocity:750 – 5,000
  • Subsonic:No
  • Supersonic:Yes
  • Ballistic Coefficient (G1):0.153
  • Lead Free:Yes
  • Patent:US D748,220S,US 9,829,293
  • Notes:EFTM – Enhanced Fluid Transfer Monolithic
  • Bullet Material:Copper
  • Manufacturing Process:Cold-Headed

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