We see the use of high-end Moku-titanium used a lot in EDC tool and ultra-Gucci knives,occasionally you’ll find firearm components made of Moku and similar layered titanium or other metals that produce similar layered effects.

Moku Titanium is very expensive and one of the reason why you do not see it commonly used.

Milspin who is known for their custom Glock plates has recently expanded on their offerings with new custom Moku-Titanium Glock slide cover plates.

Milspin states “We’ve been working on these for several months now, and they are finally ready.

Each of these back plates are hand forged and then machine cut into shape.

No two are alike and they can never be replicated.

Each one is genuinely one of a kind.

Creating Titanium Damascus is incredibly difficult to do and very few people can produce it reliably and repeatedly.

Those who can, keep their exact methods of production a mystery.

Naturally, this exotic metal comes with a steep price tag, but is worth every penny for its beauty.”

To learn more about Milspin. CLICK HERE

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