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Winchester has announced their latest offering in shotshells geared towards the sporting clays market with th e new AA Diamond Grade shotshells.

Winchester states “AA Diamond Grade is the premier product for the accomplished target shooter.

Loaded with super high antimony lead shot that is precision sorted and copper plated.

The pattern density and performance with this product is unmatched, yielding solid breaks on the most demanding targets.

At the heart of the cartridge is the AA Diamond Grade Shot. Purpose built for sporting-clays shooting; the new AA Diamond Grade pellets themselves feature four-times as much antimony as ordinary lead target shot for added hardness.

Each pellet is copper plated and precision sorted.

With added velocity at the muzzle, the uniformity of the shot delivers more velocity and energy on the target.

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The result is sure hits and hard breaks on even the toughest clay birds.

The AA Diamond Grade load also features the famous and unequaled AA wad.

As far back as 1965, the AA wad revolutionized target shotgun shooting.

Engineered to give a spring load to the shot charge for more pellets downrange in denser patterns, plus reduced recoil, the AA wad remains the shotshell standard.

Propelling the shot are best-in-class primers and powder.

The attention to detail extends to the hull itself.

Satin surfaced with a high-base nickel-plated head, it assures smooth feeding and ejection.

For champion shooters such as Zach Kienbaum, Desi Edmunds, and Anthony Matarese, Jr., AA Diamond Grade will be a go-to shotshell for competition.

But even the Saturday sporting-clays shooter can up his or her game with AA Diamond Grade, and at a price competitive with other target loads.

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To learn more about Winchester and the AA Diamond grade shotshells. CLICK HERE

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