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Toor Knives and WETSU Co has announced the roll out of a special Jump Master Knife called the Overlord Knife.

WETSU states ” The Overlord Knife is designed specifically for any/all airborne operations.

Whether you’re free-falling from 35 thousand feet or static lining from 2 thousand, this blade will handle any obstacle thrown at it.

Say goodbye to the days of lost and broken jump knives.

The sheath and strap retention system anchors extremely tight and flush to the jumpers legs making for an extremely smooth draw.

Equipped with 1.5 inch “super-lock” clips and industrial neoprene infused elastic straps this blade is ready for that ankle-breaking PLF.

But don’t worry! This style of Kydex sheath maintains a draw weight of about 7 pounds, so that blade is going NOWHERE.

Once you’ve hit the ORP and have a little downtime, quickly switch your leg mount with the “molle mount” to wear on your gear.

Only a couple screws allow this blade to be switched from your leg, to your belt, to your kit, then to your “civi’s” after work.

The blade itself is made from cpm154 steel, famously known for its extremely strong and light properties.

Its Tanto style tip is ideal for stabbing or prying while its razor sharp (partially sedated) edge is optimal for slicing or cutting.

The handle pays tribute to some of the most traditional pig-sticker’s we’ve seen on the battlefield over the past 100 years.

Individual finger grooves are delicately carved into the dark walnut to provide a slip-free grip with or without gloves.

Finally, the blade is engraved with both the WETSU and Toor logo then finished off with a liquid smooth layer of Black Cerakote.

Every blade comes standard with a Kydex sheath (Universal to all mounts sold) and a set of two straps (attached), all additional mounts must be added or purchased separately.

The Blade, sheath, and straps are all 100% made in the USA and Berry Compliant.”

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To learn more about the Jump Master overlord knife. CLICK HERE

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