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Apex Tactical one of the leading manufactures of aftermarket modern pistol trigger group internals has announced their support for the CZ 75 B decocking models with new Action Enhancement kits.

Apex Tactical states “the new Action Enhancement Kit reduces the large difference in trigger pull weight that exists between the double-action first shot and the subsequent single-action shots, to approximately 2 pounds.

The hammer and sear feature matching Apex engineered single-action engagement surfaces that yield a clean, consistent single-action style trigger break while providing a smooth stack-free double-action.

These matched engagement surfaces are precisely machined so as to eliminate the need for any polishing or stoning, providing the shooter with the kind of drop-in trigger performance expected from Apex.”


– Fits CZ 75 B Decocking Models (steel and aluminum frame versions only)
– Reduces trigger pull to approx. 7 lbs. DA with 5 lbs. SA, using Carry Mainspring
– Reduces trigger pull to approx. 6 lb. DA with 4.5 SA using Competition Mainspring
– Delivers crisp trigger break
– Maintains factory safety values
– Direct replacement of the factory hammer and sear
– Easy to install
– Apex Part #: 116-143

To learn more about Apex Tactical and their Action Enhancement kits for the CZ 75 B Decocking models. CLICK HERE.