suarez international faceshooter firing pin for s&w revolvers smith and wesson revolver upgrades custom trigger revolver 357 mag 1.jpg

Suarez International has announced a new product for Smith & Wesson revolvers the FaceShooter firing pin.

Suarez International states “Smith & Wesson Faceshooter Extended Firing Pin is made of 17-4 heat treated stainless steel and includes a reduced power firing pin return spring. Designed to reliably ignite any primers it is suitable for street as well as competitive shooting in S&W revolvers.”


– Fits S&W J, K, L & N frame center fire revolvers with internal MIM firing pins.

– Not for 22 LR rimfire weapons.

To learn more about Suarez International and the Faceshooter Firing pin for S&W revolvers. CLICK HERE