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This is actually really awesome! I say this because we love 1-x power scopes because of the ability to magnify beyond 1 power but after you add the weight of the scope and mount it can really add up.

Running a red dot is great because they are typically pretty light weight and you can find after market mounts that are also feather light.

However, once you add on a magnifier and it’s mount all of a sudden you are back up to the same weight of what you would have with a scope and mount.

Vortex OpticsĀ  has pointed this out and has created their new Micro3x Magnifier to help alleviate the weight issue.

Vortex Optics states “Next level 3X magnification versatility when you need it for your red dot or holographic sight in an ultracompact, lightweight, and optically crisp package.

Integrated quick-release allows fast attach/detach while camlock engages/disengages magnifier with direct pressure.

Adjustable flip mount allows for right or left-handed use.The Micro3x Magnifier will work with any of our red dots but may introduce parallax.

The Micro3x will not work with prism scopes”

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-Magnification 3x
-Objective Lens Diameter 22 mm
-Eye Relief 2.64 inches
-Linear Field of View 38.2 feet @ 100 yds
-Angular Field of View 7.28 inches @ 100 yds
-Length 2.9 inches Weight 6.9 oz

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