taylor freelance walther ppq magazine extension plus 12 walther ppq mag extension floor plate  1.jpg

Taylor Freelance announced further support for the Walther PPQ with a new plus 12 / 170MM magazine extension.
The PPQ +12 mag extension was designed for the 3-gun competitive shooter, or if you just want an extendo for your PPQ. Classy yet gangster!


-Gives you 27+1 instead of the stock 15. If you shoot a .40, our extension gives you +11 to +12.

-Custom Wolff springs add feed power for reliability, and the recently-upgraded quick-release locking plate gives a balance of retention and easy cleaning.

-For those of you familiar with our +5 for the HK P30/VP9, this is a similar, but longer part.

To learn more about Taylor Freelance and their plus 12 magazine extensions. CLICK HERE